Projects phase Professional Website Designers

The project phases we follow to guarentee your satisfaction
Phase 1 - Consultation
At Pro-WebDesign we listen, and want you to be in control of your ideas. The first phase for us is to communicate with you, and to understand the purpose or objective of your business, and the website target audience’s expectations as visitors or prospects.
Then with our IT experience we will help guide you to maximize these ideas to create the best online solution suited to your needs.
Phase 2 - Planning
Together we will choose the correct design and technology required to display your website at its full potential. This includes page layout, styles, and website content.
We then break down the project into time blocks so you are ensured that your project is on time and according to plan.
Additionally and free of charge we can help search, register and setup a domain name in your company's name subject to it's availability.
Phase 3 - Design Draft
When we have all the available material and have agreed on general layout we will go ahead and design the webpages in Photoshop.
When the first draft is completed it will be sent to you in PDF for pre-approval.
If for any reason you have any comments for changes we will update the design and resend. Ensuring you are satisfied before the project even starts, that the end result will be exactely as you requested.
Phase 4 - Implementation
Once you are satisfied with the website design the image files will be handed to our professional website programmers, who will start to build the website and optimize its pages using the latest search engine friendly script languages.
You will be able to view on our server the daily progress of your design project and the opportunity to contact us via email if you need on the fly changes.
Phase 5 - Approval and Handover
The final phase for the web design is the approval. This is where we will make any last minute changes before handing over your design and its documentation for your future records.
Then we will upload it and direct the domain name to the web server it's hosted on, and submit to you the passcodes giving you full rights of access and control over your design and domain name.