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The Popup Revolution

In the old days when people heard the word pop up they nearly always cringed and thought of something obtrusive. In those days javascript popups were rife and seemed to popup all over the place, and in some cases were the reason for the person visiting the site to leave all together. Not that you could get away because as soon as you closed the window another 5 popped up.

Now days nearly all modern day browsers have built in Software to block these unwanted attacks on our surfing pleasure. Hooray you might say, we dont want to go back to the chaos of those first popups. When I consider the pros and cons on the other hand, the little old popup is actually in some cases a very useful tool when used in the correct way and just because of some bad apples (or maybe I should I say orchards ), the rest of us designers and webmasters have had to suffer and limit our resources. With the new web 2.0 trend coming over the horizon, subtle and unblockable Dynamic HTML and Javascript popups or hover ads are now actually more available and likewise in demand, and if used correctly can actually help the web designer create more helpful functions and navigation aids.

The secret of these popups is that they lay in the DHTML layer and although they act a little like 1st generation popups (in the sense they can popup over the webpage itself) they cant actually leave the webpage they have sprung up on. Also these types of popups are less susceptible to pull a dirty trick like change your home page or attack your system and other such tricks their older cousins did in the past.

Unfortunately writing the code for a Dynamic HTML and Javascript popup window is beyond the talents of most people and so they have been left behind in this technology, but luckily there are some innovative programmers out there who have dedicated their time to making software that makes this task well within reach of our budgets without having to buy large programming packages which they will probably only use for the task at hand.

Some people know a little XHTML, CSS and even some PHP, But do not really want to extend into learning Javascript just to write a popup function. So they can now get ready made software packages to do the job for them. With this HTML popup tool they are able to create banners, tooltips and unblockable popups using the DHTML layer and Javascript.

The beauty of the program is that I dont really have to know much about these languages to create a popup as its all done for me in the background, using a standalone software package. Although a small amount of HTML is required to do some really cool tricks the simple stuff is practically written for me and I can get a functional pop up or hover ads ready in minutes, and there are templates supplied to just copy and paste with my own content and links if I need. Now what makes this software really attractive, is that its designers are working every day to make it better and incorporating functions that are driven by its customers requests. Thus it has evolved from a simple Dynamic HTML and Javascript popup window launcher to something much more sophisticated and now you can even launch videos from youtube into a DHTML layer and display it in its own iframe, or coming soon will be the wordpress plugin and of course much more.