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About Pro-WebDesign's Free Websites For Charities.

Charities, NGOs, and non-profit organizations have many challenges facing them. Often, the people who devote their time to bettering the world around them are faced with few supplies, limited staff, and little to no funding. This makes opportunities like building a high quality website hard to come by. A good website helps a charity reach out to the community it serves, as well as increasing visibility and making fundraising easier. But when funds are scarce, a charity will of course spend what it has on its mission.

Therefore, when a company like Pro-WebDesign can offer free websites to charities at no charge, everyone benefits. The charities receive much needed services without adding strain to their budgets, and Pro-WebDesign gets a little extra exposure and a lot of satisfaction knowing that we are able to back to important community organizations. We're off to a good start with our efforts, beginning with our first free charity website. Our first design was donated to the Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF), which works on animal welfare and conservation in Greece. (Visit the site here to see how it turned out!)
Greek Animal Welfare Fund

Interested In Getting A Free Site For Your Charity?

As a reputable source of professional web design, Pro-WebDesign is happy to design free charity websites for nonprofits as a side project to our standard business and corporate website projects. What does it take to be eligible for free website design from Pro-WebDesign?

  1. You must be a legitimate non-profit service or organization. You need to be certified or registered by whatever means are necessary in your country, or willing to provide us with some other form of substantial proof that you are requesting the free website for an organization that helps others and does not profit from its work.
  2. The website must be used in relation to your service. We are happy to make sites that help out the efforts of sincere charitable causes, and we will only create sites that are directly related to the non-profit work itself. For example, if you distribute food to the hungry, your site should be all about the services you provide, history of your organization, calendar of events, staff, sponsors, and other related content. This is pretty straightforward, so if you are honest you have nothing to worry about.
  3. You should be willing to let Pro-WebDesign include a small link back to this page. It's really all we ask in exchange for designing free websites for charities.
  4. Pro-WebDesign reserves the right to determine whether or not to create you a site, and will take on new organizations by our own discretion and as time permits. If we believe you are abusing our donation by representing your organization dishonestly or trying to make a profit, we reserve the right to take back all content and design. Please don't take advantage of us; we're trying to do a good thing here!

Pro-WebDesign believes that giving back is an important part of living and working in the global community. In sum, if you are a legitimate charity working to help people and the planet, we are willing to create a free website to support your efforts. If you are interested in having us design a site for your charity, please get in touch with us!

Charity Sites:

UK Charity for terminally ill children
Greek Animal Welfare Fund, Charity to help Stray and poorly treated animals in Greece